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Security is the main focus of this application. We employ Scrypt with a high iteration count, use the trusted execution environment in Android and encrypt everything with AES256!
Free and open source software. Free to use, alter and redistribute. Users are encouraged to take a look at the source code and even build the application themselves for maximum security.
It's finally here, a free application that does not include any forms of advertisements! No pop-ups, no flashing gifs, no in your face videos, just software.
fingerprint security and strong encryption.
encrypted credential storage.
icons for added websites.
copy password or display within application.
set favorites that sticky at the top.
checks for breaches against haveibeenpwned.
stores one time tokens (TOTP)
import and export credentials
login autofill for websites and apps
credential cloud synchronization

The Enigmatic Mouse attempts to be a modern and minimalistic password manager. Support for cloud synchronization or backups will never be added due to the inherent security issues. Rather a device-to-device import/export feature is planned. Support for autofill is not implemented due to the complexity and current lack of documentation associated. Users of the application is encouraged to take part in development and even build the source code by themselves, as this provides maximum security. The application is available free of charge through our GitHub releases but not from the Google Play Store - we charge for the distribution there.


Instructions for building and installing can be found in the official repository. Following the link at the top of the page. The application is also available for installation from the Google Play store with a small distribution fee. If you want to use the application for free download it from our GitHub releases.

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Please contact me if you have any questions, feedback, feature requests.. or anything else really.